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Writing Inspiration

Writing resources to help you write more and earn more

Working as a writer is a different kind of work than any other. As a writer you’re a creative person who needs to work alone. And because of this, sometimes staying motivated and inspired to write isn’t easy.

Writing can seem like a frustrating way to earn a living on days when you just don’t feel like writing and all your ideas seem to have dried up.

All writers have bad days like these.

But there is help available and on this page I’ll show you products and resources that can help bring back your creative spark to get you inspired to resume being the writing genius you know you are.

Because sometimes, our writing talent just needs a little bit of a boost.


Treat yourself, or someone you know to a gift for writers.


Author Pro


Free MP3 music downloads for meditation, dreaming, sleeping, yoga.

Download for free, or donate or contact the website owner if you'd like any of the music for website background music, etc.

All music is categorised into newage/meditation, chillout/lounge,
easy listenig /pop, experimental. Most tracks are only a few minutes in length up to around 15 minutes. I find most of the music helpful to listen to as background music when I'm writing to help me stay focused.

Click on the image above to go to the website

Getting Rich Slowly

Start and run your own profitable online business, in your own time, at your own pace - a business that can grow and become successful enough so that you can quit your job.

Learn how to start Living The Laptop Lifestyle today.

The NLP Secret

Change Your Life and Enjoy EXTREME CONFIDENCE on all levels & Get Rid of ANY Issues.

Used by Anthony Robbins & taught by Dr John Grinder

The NLP Secret - Discover the secret now

The Brain Evolution System

How to Double Your Ability To Learn, Think Creatively, Solve Any Problem, and Achieve Any Goal - Just by Listening toYour CD Player.

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The Brain Salon

Boost Your Focus to Razor Sharpness and Re-Claim Your Creative Spark. (These are CDs I personally use myself and I think they're great.) If you don't think these CDs are great, they come with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Download a free 15 minute 'focus' demo. Click on the banner below:


Life MakeOver System

Want to write more, earn more, work less, feel great and look wonderful?

Are there things about your life that you CAN'T STAND,
But feel powerless to change?

* Your diet
* Your finances
* Your time management
* Your procrastination
* Your energy levels
* Your pessimism
* Your life direction
* Your family life
* Your relationships
* Your fitness
* Your work / life balance
* Your fear of change
* Your stress levels
* Your creativity levels
* Your career
* Your self-esteem

Now you can turn your life around and change anything you wish with The Life Makeover System; a massive 6-CD audio program.

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Kindle Formatting Software
Stop struggling with formatting your Kindle ebook. Do it in 2 minutes. Easy!

How to Write SEO Copy That Sells
Learn how to write SEO content for websites -- quickly and easily
Produce traffic-driving SEO copy.

Final Draft Screenwriting Software
Download a Free Trial Now.

The Science of Getting Rich
Free audio download.
For those who wish to get rich first, and philosophize afterward.


How to Write Any Book in 28 Days or Less

Become a Travel Writer

Write a Movie Script in Just 1 Month

Write Your Own eBook in Just 10 Days

Quick Cash Writing

Write a Children’s Book in 14 Days or Less

How to Publish a Profitable, Popular Freelance Writing Blog


Habit Busting Secrets
Discover how to instantly get rid of bad habits, with Lee Milteer!

Subliminal CDs
Discover the Web's largest subliminal CD and MP3 store!

Genius Mindset Kit
Unlock your inner Einstein, with this cheat's guide to genius!
Browse over 250 instantly downloadable hypnosis scripts!

Plus Kits
Ultimate self-development CDs, combining NLP, hypnosis and brainwaves!

The Speed Reading Secret
Triple your reading speed in under 1 hour - or claim $100 in gifts!

Brain Power Pro
Reprogram your inner thoughts using this subliminal software!

Brain Bullet
New software reprograms your mind with positive, powerful commands!

The Absolute Secret
Discover why eight long-lost books from the 1900's hold the true secret to life...

Be Psychic Course
Tap into your intuition and unleash your hidden psychic talents!

Instant-Hypnosis Downloads
Listen to quality MP3 hypnosis sessions, from the comfort of your home!

Lucid Dreaming Kit
Learn to control your dreams and discover a new world, with lucid dreaming CDs
New brainwave CDs for relaxation, meditation, creativity, and more

Learn how to create your own subliminal CDs, with this PC studio package

Subliminal-Audio CDs
Accelerate your self-development with these "4-part" subliminal CDs!

Relaxation CDs
 Chill out to the sounds of nature, guided relaxation CDs, brainwave CDs, and more!

Subliminal Power Software
Change your life by displaying subliminal messages, while you work!


Learn how you can earn $100K/Year and more writing for the internet.
This ebook is coauthored by two of the most prolific online writers, myself (Administrator) and Nick Daws.

A fascinating collection of how some of the world's most famous Sci-fi writers organise their writing days.

A collection of great photographs and images that you can use for free. Bookmark this page if you use images often.

Portraits of the spaces where authors create.

Browse the top 100 free Kindle ebooks on Amazon. Bookmark this page and return often as it updates daily.

Get a website, domain name, hosting, logo, stationery designs, seo submission, email accounts and more, all at a low price and in one package and all done for you.
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