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How to Write a Non-Fiction Ebook in 21 Days

How to Write a NonFiction eBook in 21 Days
That Readers Love!


By Steve Scott

This review was written on 1st April 2014

How to Write a NonFiction eBook in 21 Days is a short eBook I downloaded from the Amazon Kindle website for only $2.99.

There have been many books written about how to write an eBook quickly and I think this is one of the better ones.

The reason that I like it is because it not only tells you how to write an eBook, but how to research your chosen topic to make sure that your eBook will generate plenty of sales.

In fact it tells you that the whole first week of writing an eBook is all about deciding on what to write about and using methods that guarantee your eBook will sell well.

For instance, it tells you to check Amazon’s Best Seller Rank and only target niches where the top books have less than a 20,000 best seller ranking, which is an average of five book sales per day.

It also tells you how to choose a niche by using websites like, and as well as Googling your niche plus the word ‘from’ to find out exactly what information people are looking for.

I like all this information (and there’s much more about choosing a profitable niche) because the author not only tells you what you need to do but also how to do it and lists the websites where you can find the information you need.

And by the time you’ve done all your research, which includes finding a really good hook so that your eBook stands out from all the rest, and collated all your information into chapters, the actual writing of your eBook is a breeze.

So if you’ve ever wanted to start publishing all your own eBooks and turn a good profit on them all, this is definitely a writing course that I’d recommend.

It leads you effortlessly through every stage of writing and publishing an eBook in just three weeks.

It’s easy to see that it’s written by someone who knows what they’re talking about because they’ve done it.

This is one of the best guides to writing your own eBook that I’ve come across.

And I’ve read a lot of them.

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