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How I use My Weekly Writing Map

By Administrator

Every week I write a lot. This the same for every writer, or at least writers who earn all their income from their writing.

Not only do I write but I also have several websites so I need to update them regularly with new articles and other content.

My weekly to-do list also consists of other jobs like marketing and social media updates.

All the other things I do in life, the non-writing related things, I usually do via a weekly plan of what things to do on what days.

For example, I eat certain things for breakfast on certain days. This negates any need to think about what to have for breakfast. If it’s Monday, it’s banana bread. If it’s Saturday, it’s a grilled breakfast with hash browns, tomatoes, beans, etc.

I’m the same with my washing. I wash certain things on certain days. Mondays and Fridays are towel washing days and Wednesdays are for changing the beds and washing the sheets.

I also have set days when I do certain household chores like cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom, etc. Certain chores are done on their elected days.

Working this way means that I never have to think about doing anything. For instance, on Monday mornings I know that I’ll have banana bread for breakfast, wash the bathroom towels and vacuum and polish throughout the house.

I never have to think about doing these things. I just know that I do them on certain days. It’s ingrained into my mind. And whatever else I have to do, I still do them.

And so it is with my writing.

I have certain writing tasks that I do on certain days. For instance, on Tuesdays I write all my blog posts and two articles for two of my other websites. I also get other writing tasks done that day if they need doing (or finishing from another day) but I always know that my blog posts will get written that day plus 2 other articles.

I find working this way is much easier than not knowing what I have to do one day to the next or one week to the next.

It used to be different back in the days when I used to work as a freelance writer for clients. I still mapped out what I had to work on each week or each day, but it differed week to week.

But now that I only do my own writing, I can plan out when to do it.

And just like everything else I do in my life, I plan it out so that I automatically know what I have to do every day without even thinking about it.

I’m worse if I’m going on holiday or going away for a couple of days.

I spend the days before I leave writing out a list of things to buy before I go, things to do as I leave (lock the doors, empty the kitchen bin, etc) and what to pack. That way it saves me worrying that I might have forgotten something. I just go through my list on the day I leave and tick everything off (literally) as I do it.

I even have a constant “must pack” list that I use every time I go away over night and it includes things like hotel reservations, tickets, phone, phone charger and everything else that is a “must have with me” no matter how short the journey.

Every time I leave the house for any reason I always make sure that there are 3 things I have with me - phone, purse, keys. I always check that I have those 3 because they are the minimum that I usually need wherever I go.

I have a teenage daughter who always laughs at my lists of things to do and my count of 3 things every time I go out somewhere, but it’s just the way I am.

And my system works well with my writing because I never forget to do anything.

I use my diary to write in what needs to be done on what day and I’ll pencil extra things in days/weeks/months ahead so that as soon as I turn the page to a new day I see something that I don’t want to forget.

Even my wall calendar is full of reminders to worm the dogs, buy new tick collars for them, due bills that need to be paid, library book return dates and more.

Maybe I’m a bit OCD with my reminders and plans, but it works for me because I never have to remember things all the time. I just write them down and get on with what I’m doing.

How about you?

Do you use weekly to-do lists for regular writing tasks and household chores?

If you’re always struggling to know what to write or how to make more money from your writing, try mapping out your week with all the regular writing tasks you need to do.

My week starts with a brainstorming session of what I’m going to write about and how I’m going to make money from my writing. I already know what I need to be working on but I don’t always know exactly what I’ll be writing about so my brainstorming session with myself is where and when I work it all out.

And once I know what I need to do, then it’s a simple matter of working my way through my latest to-do list.



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