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Who The Hell Do Google Think They Are?

By Administrator

I’ve been reading a lot lately (well for a while really) about all the algorithm changes that Google keep making and I keep trying to keep up with them.

A few years ago Google decided to stop including article directories in their search results. So if anyone writes a really good article that you’d be interested in and uploads it to an article directory, it will never show up in a Google search results, no matter how relevant it might be.

Google also made other changes that included whether or not a website appeared to contain “proper sentences” or whether it had too many images and videos and not enough written content.

One of their latest changes was that they wouldn’t include non-mobile-responsive websites in mobile results.

To appease them I spent a couple of weeks changing all my websites to comply with this latest update.

But that seems like it’s still not enough for the God-like Google.

Their latest demand is that they want to rate websites with their own apps as more important than websites that don’t.

I was reading about it when I suddenly thought, “Who the hell do Google think they are?”

Search engines are supposed to be about finding the most relevant content for what you’re searching for.

It’s not up to them to tell me that I can’t read content that’s on an article directory.

It’s not up to them to dictate whether or not I want to view a mobile-responsive website on my phone or whether I want to view ALL relevant websites.

And it’s not up to them to dictate about whether the content from an app-less website is more relevant for me than any other website.

It’s time that Google stopped telling us what we can and can’t look at on the internet.

Their job is to find relevant content, and that is all.

If I’m searching for information on my phone, I want to find ALL the appropriate websites, not only the ones that Google deems good enough.

I don’t care what website it’s on, I just want to find the information I’m looking for.

And if Google is getting too finicky, then I’ll use a different search engine.

I’ve decided that I’m not going to even try and keep up with “What Google Wants” any more.

I’ve made my websites mobile-responsive, which is something I needed to do anyway.

But I’m a writer, not an app developer and I don’t want to be one either.

So I’m going to ignore Google and get on with my writing.

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