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Is This Why You’re Not Making Money From Your Writing?

By Administrator

I often hear writers complain that they’re not making any money from their writing or that they’re making SOME money but not enough.

And when I hear this I’m always interested to find out why.

From these conversations I quickly learned that there are 3 types of writers and depending on what type of writer they areas the one whole reason why they’re not earning enough money from their writing.

The first type of “writer” is someone who never actually writes at all.

They say they're a writer and they read books and articles about writing, but they never follow through on what they read.

So they’re not really a writer at all. They’re just dreamers.

The second type of writer is the opportunity seeker, the type of person who’s always looking for fast ways to earn money without actually doing much work.

They just look around for the latest money-making scheme and jump from one to the other, hoping that this time, they’ve found the fast track to riches. Or they hurriedly write one badly-written book and wonder why no one want to buy it.

As you can imagine, these two types of “writer” (and I use quotes because they’re not really writers) make no money at all or very little money.

Then there’s the third type of writer.

This is the type of writer who ignores all the hype and pays little or no attention to the latest SEO “tricks” or Google Pandas or Penguins or any other sort of search engine change and updates. And they don’t look for ways to get rich quick.

Instead they sit down every day and write.

They publish a few books and ebooks, build a large following of loyal readers, they have great writing routine and can writer thousands of words every day.

Naturally, it’s never this kind who complains about not earning enough money from their writing.

Can you guess why?

So if you’re not making enough money from your writing (or not making any money at all) you need to look at what type of writer you are.

Then you need to answer (honestly) the following questions:

And once you’ve answered these questions, you need to look at why you're not moving towards your goal.
Being a professional writer isn’t easy. It takes work, especially in the beginning.

But as long as you know what your goal is and you have a plan to get there, then it’s simple.

Keep your eye on your goal, work your plan, and you’ll make it where you want to be.

Now get to work.


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