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The Little-Known, Yet Really Simple Way, to Sell More Ebooks Than You Ever Could Before

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If you’ve been an online writer for a while then you’ll know that how-to ebooks have always been a good seller.

There are writers and marketers all over the world earning all their income from simply writing and promoting ebooks.

But if you've ever written an ebook yourself then you’ll also know that not all ebooks, in fact relatively few of them, are great sellers.

So how is it that some writers can sell enough ebooks to earn a full-time income while others struggle to sell a few copies a month?

The “secret” is to know your market in advance.

This means knowing who would want to read an ebook such as yours.

For this reason you need to spend more time researching your market and finding out what your audience is looking for.

You need to know what worries them, what keeps them up at night, what they've always dreamed of being able to do or what causes them pain.

And THEN you create a product that addresses all their needs, wants or desires.

In other words, you don’t write an ebook and then try and find a market that needs it.

Instead, you find a market and lead them to your product.

ALWAYS start with your market first. Spend more time researching your market than you do writing your ebook.

In sales letters, copywriters always begin with the “pain” that their prospects are dealing with. They can even go on for several thousand words describing their prospect’s torment, and this is commonly known as “agitating” the problem.

Then they introduce the product they’re selling as the solution to all the pain.

But they don’t describe the pain as a list of ills. Instead they tell it in story form by perhaps describing someone who is going through the exact same thing and then say how they used the product to solve the problem.

But never, ever describe what you’re ebook is. Instead talk only about the benefits of owning it and explain how it can change their lives.

And this is the “secret” to selling more ebooks than you ever thought you possibly could.

First find a market.

Find people who are hungry for information and desperate for a solution that you can provide.

Once you know your market, make a list of what they crave in their lives and what the solution is that they are looking for.

Then write your ebook and use all the information you’ve gathered about your market to write your sales page too.

And then go out and promote it to those who need it.

Copywriters have always said that you cannot create a product and then create a desire for it.

The desire must already be there, and then you channel that desire to your product.

And that is how you sell more ebooks than you ever have done before.


You don’t have to be a big “ONLINE GURU” in order to earn a living from writing and publishing ebooks.

You just have to have the right audience AND know how to sell to them.

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