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3 Things You Can Write When You Have Nothing To Write

By Administrator

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Writer's block. It's a terrible thing.

It can happen in 2 different ways.

Firstly, you can have a writing project that you need to do but the words just won't come. The ideas just aren't there. It's a literary desert in your mind.

Then there is the other kind where you have absolutely no writing to do. For the life of you, you can't think of one project you could be working on.

This is the hardest to overcome.

The first kind of writer's block is easy because you already know what you need to do, because so often, all you need is a short break to clear your head and then you can get back to work. It's times like these when I use audios to clear my thoughts and help me settle down to work.

But what can you do when you don't have an ebook to write, you have no clients wanting work, your freelance markets have dried up and you just can't think of a damn thing to write about?

Is there a solution?


And I have 3 ideas that you can use to help spark ideas to get you back to work.

After all, time is money and if you're not writing you're not earning.

So if you find yourself stuck for something to write about, try these 3 easy solutions.

1. Write by Hand. This is not only super easy to do, but it's also very motivational and eye-opening.

When I say write by hand, I don't mean that you should just sit down and write any-old-thing by hand. I mean think of a writer that you admire. Someone who's work you enjoy reading.

Then find a long piece of their work (a short story, a novel, a sales page, an article) and start writing it out by hand.

How does this help? Well, firstly it get's you writing again. It makes it easy because you don't have to think of what to write about. You just find a piece of writing of someone whose work you admire, and copy it out by hand.

And 'by hand' is important. You need to write it out slowly with a pen/pencil and paper. This makes you do it slowly and carefully and gives you a good understanding of how they write.

Before you copy their writing out by hand, you probably think that you already understand their style of writing. But once you start writing it out yourself, you'll discover much more about the way they write than you ever would have done from just reading it.

This is such a good way to get to know someone else's work but you won't understand how beneficial it is until you try it yourself. Writing this way is also great for motivation too.

2. Do Some Marketing. This can be anything you like. Use your time to write marketing articles for or any other article directory where you have an account (and if you don't have an account, get one). You could also write a short blog post or two. Just make sure that what you write is written in a way that will help market your ebooks or your website.

Just take a look at one of your websites or one of your ebooks and use it for inspiration for a marketing article or blog post. What is it that you could tell someone that would entice them to buy your product or visit your website?

This is easy to do once you put a little thought into it. Just imagine that someone has asked you "What's in it for me?" and think of an answer. What is the benefit for them? This should be easy to do if you're a creative writer.

3. Start Planning Your Next Ebook. You should always have a plethora of ebooks ideas. Keep an ideas notebook and always write down ideas as they occur to you. Never think that you'll remember something. You won't. Ideas are fleeting and you could forget them as quickly as they occur.

If you don't have an idea for your next ebook, start browsing online for inspiration.

Search ebook titles within your niche. Or if you write fiction, browse ebook titles in your own genre and read the publisher's blurbs as spring boards for ideas of your own.

Do a search of the ebook Tables of Content because these can really help to spark ideas.

Another place to look for inspiration is headlines on magazine covers.

You see, ebooks are written to provide information about how to do something, so it needs to solve a problem. And where can you find problems? On the covers of magazines.
And it's easy to read magazine cover headlines online if you don't have time to go out and read some for yourself.

Magazines are great at writing headlines for their covers because they know that they need to sell thousands of magazines and they also have a lot of competition so the few words in their headlines are the difference between making a sale or their competitor making a sale.

One of the most interesting magazines for cover headlines is Readers' Digest. Their headlines are extremely enticing.

And if those 3 things don't help spark some inspiration of what you can write about, you can always go and hang out at your local library and browse a few books and magazines.

The library is a great place to find fiction and non-fiction ideas. In the past I've even found a book at the library, read it, and thought "I could write it better than that" and done it.

You see, once you start looking, you can't help but find what you're looking for, even if you don't know what you're looking for when you start.

But that's the great thing about being a writer is that inspiration and motivation is all around us.

And to find it you just have to start looking.


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