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The “Magic Pill” For Online Writing Success

By Administrator

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When it comes to online writers, there are 2 different types that I always come across - doers and seekers.

Of these 2, one sits down and does the work every day while the other looks for the magic pill for success.

While the doer writes and makes money, the seeker surfs the internet and downloads every freebie.

They voraciously read the blogs of other writers to see how they work, without ever trying it themselves.

They buy ebooks and courses about writing and making money but never follow the advice, and they often ask for a refund because “it didn’t work.”

So who do you think is the one who is successful?

Is it the writer who sits and writes and publishes ebooks, articles, blog posts and emails?

Or is it the person who downloads everything they can while not heading the advice they read?

There is no “magic pill” that can give you online writing success.

However, showing up and writing every day will produce the results you desire.

But you need to be consistent.

And if you do have any writing ebooks that you downloaded but never read, or read them once and forgot about them, why not open them again and try them out?

Some of the ebooks and courses you can download (especially the free ones) may contain bad advice, or advice that isn’t suitable for you (we’re all different after all).

So use your common sense in making decisions about what to do. Because as Judge Judy always says, if it doesn’t make sense, it’s not true.

Just try something instead of doing nothing.

Download or open a different ebook about making money from writing every month and give it a try and see what works for you.

If you start now (January) you will have completed 12 new writing projects by the end of the year which can significantly boost your writing income.

So if you’re a bit of a seeker, instead of a doer, trying sitting down every day and doing something instead of wasting another day searching for a magic pill that doesn’t exist.

The only way to online writing success, is to do the online writing.


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