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The Easy Way to Write a Great Sales Page

By Administrator

A sales page helps you make sales.

On the other hand, a GREAT sales page provides you with maximum sales potential.

So don’t just write a sales page, write a great sales page, because not only will it generate more sales, but it’s easy to do AND it takes no more time than writing an average sales page.

So how do you write a great sales page?

The most important thing to remember about a sales page is that it’s main purpose is a transfer of emotions.

You see;, people buy products based on their emotions, so if they feel excited about owning something, they’ll buy it.

This means that your sales page needs to arouse emotion in your reader.

To understand how to do t, just look at a few sales pages online that re trying to sell a product similar to yours and see the language and emotion they use.

Some sales pages are long and some are short. How long yours needs to be depends what you’re selling and who you’re selling it too.

Constucting Your Sale Page

There is a basic set up that all sales pages need and the reason for this is that every single sentence has only one purpose - to keep the reader reading.

You want to give them your complete message so you need to make sure your sale copy moves them along in a natural progression.

And this is how a sales page is structured:

Your headline needs to be intriguing enough to capture attention.

Your subhead should further expand what your product (or offer) is about. So for instance, if you’re selling a product for natural weight loss, your head and subhead might be:

“Lose Weight Naturally - with no need for diet foods, supplements or expensive meals.

This is such an easy and natural way to lose weight, you’ll slap your forehead and wonder why you didn’t try this before.”

Hopefully, a headline and subhead like this will make readers curious enough to want to find out more.

The Four Questions You Must Answer

As people dead your sales letter, four questions will usually spring to mind, so you need to answer these as your story moves them along.

These questions are:

The first question (Why?) could also be interpreted as “So what?”. Readers will be skeptical as they read so they will always ask this repeatedly.

They also want to know what they’ll learn/experience as well as be assured about any difficulties that they might encounter. For instance, in the weight loss example, they may wonder if rigorous exercise may be involved or boring food.

And you need to wrap everything up in a picture perfect outcome of how different and improved their life will once they buy your product/take up your offer.

You can, if you have them, include testimonials from already satisfied customers, but it isn’t necessary.

Also provide “buy now” links throughout your sale page so that readers can click to make purchase at any time.

It’s also a good idea to provide a P. S. that sets what will happen if they don’t buy, which is usually that nothing will change or their problem will get worse.

It also helps if you can provide a reason to buy immediately, such as a time limited bonus product or an imminent price rise.

If you’re never had a really effective sales page before, try writing it this way and it will flow from heading to story to conclusion and you’ll hit all your readers “hot buttons” by answering all their questions and objections along the way.

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