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How to Stop Procrastinating and Start Writing

By Administrator

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I once had a customer who bought a copy of my ebook, E-Publish and Be Damned!.

He wanted to write novels and publish all his books on Kindle, but…

He had a problem.

What if someone stole his ebooks and published them as their own?

I tried to explain that there are copyright laws for intellectual property so that on one can steal your work.

But he was’t happy. Suppose someone did steal his work? What could he do about it? How could he recover money that the thief had earned through his work?

He then went on writing forums asking others about it and got the same answer.

This went on for several months.

And all this time he didn’t write any books because he daren’t.

But copyright infringement wasn’t his problem.

He only pretended it was.

The real problem was procrastination.

He just didn’t want to write his novels.

Perhaps he just didn’t have any ideas of what to write about.

So instead of finding some ideas, he made up an excuse as to why he couldn’t write.

But what if he hadn’t obsessed over copyright theft?

What if he’d simply sat down and written 20 ebooks and published them instead of wasting money after month after month asking questions on one writing forum or another.

How different would his life be now?

He could have become a full-time novelist earning a residual income from all his books.

And that would have been his dream come true.

How about you?

Are you a writer or a non-starter?

With Kindle, e-publishing it’s fast, easy and free.

Which means that you don’t have an excuse for not being a published author.

Kindle publishing takes away every excuse for not writing.


Download the free ebook, Kindling: Ignite The Fire Under Your Kindle Publishing Dreams.


E-Publish and Be Damned! How You Can Make a Million Writing Your Own Ebooks


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