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What You Need To Do If You’re Not Earning Enough Money From Your Writing

By Administrator

If you’re like me, then being a writer isn’t a hobby. It’s an occupation, a career and a business.

And like any other type of business, you have to make money.

Income from writing, however, isn’t earned by the hour nor is it a set salary, so you often need to track where your income comes from.

And this is true especially if you find that you’re not earning enough money from your writing.

So if you want to increase your writing income here’s what you need to do.

First of all, be sure of your goal. It’s okay saying that you want to earn money from writing, but you need to know what you’re hoping to achieve.

Whatever it is that you ultimately want to do, you need to be sure of your goal.

That is THE most important thing.

Next you need to look at your day-to-day method of working to make sure you’re not wasting your time on unimportant things.

So what writing or writing-related work do you do every day?

Is it leading you forward towards your ultimate goal?

If you’re doing things that aren’t really productive or aren’t really helping you to move forward then you need to rethink your M.O.

But don’t just think of things you shouldn’t be doing. Also look at what you could be doing to move your business forward:

Decide on which things that you do that produce no results or very few results and replace them with more productive ways of working.

And finally, when you know what your goal is and you have a plan of how to achieve it, forget about your goal.

Don’t think about your goal anymore at all.

Instead concentrate on your plan and work on it every day.

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