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Making It as an Online Affiliate Marketer

By Administrator

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If you listen to the most popular writing theories, one of the best known, is that if you want to make more money, you need to write your own ebooks and sell them online.

And while that’s almost true, not every writer wants to tackle book-length projects.

If you’re happier working on shorter projects like emails and articles, then you can make money this way too by working as an affiliate marketer.

Some people (wrongly) think that to make money as an affiliate, all you have to do is stick a banner or two on your web pages.

You can certainly earn a bit of money doing that, but if you want to earn ALL your money from it, then you need to follow the example of super affiliates like Rosalind Gardner who earns around a half a million dollars every year from affiliate sales.

Affiliate Articles

You need to choose a product to promote and write articles that inform, entertain and help sell the product.

But don’t blatantly pitch the product.

If you’re selling a book about dog training, write articles about difficulties associated with it and offer solutions.

Then just unobtrusively link to the book in your text and perhaps place a small banner at the end.

Or you could write a series of short articles and set them up as an email auto-responder sequence to be sent to your subscribers, with some of the emails containing a link to the product you’re promoting.

Then you move on to your next product and start writing informative articles to help sell it.

And who knows…you may or may not end up as a super affiliate, but even if you earned only half that income it would be wonderful, wouldn't it?

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