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The 2 Hour Writing Challenge

By Administrator

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There’s a buzzword that writers like to talk about when it comes to writing and that word is procrastination.

Oh yes, writers love to go on and on about procrastination and how it holds them back and how much they have to fight it every day.

But it’s not procrastination.

It’s laziness.

Writing is a scary thing to think about doing because it’s something that can’t be done fast and that’s why many don’t want to start, because they know it will take ages to get a significant amount of writ in done.

Or will it…?

What if you knew that getting a large amount of writing done wouldn’t take that long at all?

Then how about taking a 2 hour writing challenge?

What does it involve?

It involves sitting down and writing in a distraction-less 2 hour window of time.

You may be wondering how writing for 2 hours will prove anything, but don’t duobt it till you’ve tried it.

It’s actually possible to write a short report or ebook in 2 hours and many writers have done it.

So how about you? How much can you write?

You really should try it because not only will you be able to get a surprising amount of writing done, it also gives you a small thrill just to complete it.

Sitting and writing solidly for just 2 hours also gives you a great feeling of accomplishment which motivates you to do it again.

Just try it to see if I’m right.

And even if I’m wrong and you don’t feel motivated to do it again, at least you will have achieved 2 hours of uninterrupted writing.

So what exactly should you do?

First you need a 2 hour window of uninterrupted time. It doesn’t have to be a quiet place (a busy coffee shop is fine), it just has to be 2 hours where no one needs your attention.

Turn off your phone and get rid of any other distractions like your internet browser.

Before you begin make sure you’re able to focus. Don’t let your mind wander to thoughts about chores that need doing or bills that need paying. Set a timer so that you don’t get distracted by watching the clock.

I use audios to help me focus when I’m writing. They help cut out the background noise as well as help me to concentrate. Make sure you know exactly what you’re going to be writing about.

This is where a detailed outline is a must.

If you know your topic, make a list of 10 main points you want to cover. Break each main point into 3 sub-points and have an opening and closing statement ready.

Then get to work. Start writing and don’t stop till the 2 hours is up.

No excuses. No toilet breaks. Just write.

At the end of the 2 hours you’ll probably be impressed with how much you’ve written.

After this you can arrange a 2 hour writing session every day so that no matter what else is on your agenda, you’ll get plenty of writing done.

And even if you can’t manage it every day, do it often.

Giving yourself 2 hour writing challenges will quickly help you to build a strong writing habit.

You’ll also achieve much more because you’ll be writing consistently and constancy breeds success.

And ultimately it will enable you to earn more money from your writing, especially when you can write short reports or ebooks in 2 hours.

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