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What If You Could Write Faster?

By Administrator

Yesterday I was reading a long article written by Jason Fladlien who is an author of several writing courses and also creates and sells software for blogs.

His article was really interesting and he was talking about the need for speed when you're writing.

This topic particularly interested me because I have always said (and preached to whoever will listen) that if you want to make money from your writing, you need to write more and you need to write fast.

And it doesn't matter what you're writing, whether it's an ebook, web page content, promotional emails, marketing articles, or ghost writing articles and content for clients.

If you're writing, and you want to earn a living from it, you need to write faster and better. In other words, although you need to write quickly, you're writing needs to be not just good, but great. That's because it's too easy to churn out garbage writing if you're in a hurry.

But writing fast doesn't mean rushing what you're doing. It means being so absorbed in your work that you write faster.

Jason Fladlien talks about this too. He says that to write fast, you need to be focused on what you're doing. With great focus, he says, you can go into what he calls a 'writing frenzy' and produce some great work.

And this is what I've always believed too.

Jason himself can write a 400 word article in 7 minutes, which is incredibly fast. And because he can write so quickly, he can produce several articles an hour. He used his speed of writing to become a ghost writer and write for private clients.

And because of how focused he is when he's working and how fast he can write, he quickly earned a high income from his writing.

Now I'm not sure if I could write an article in 7 minutes but I do know from years of experience that I can write half a page in 5 minutes which means I can write a 500 to 700 word article in under 15 minutes.

But to do that I need to have a plan of what I'm going to write and I have to be 100% focused as I work.

So if you're not earning as much money from your writing as you want (or need) to, then it's time to think of how you can write more and write faster.

Imagine how much money you could earn if you could write several articles an hour.

You could earn a small fortune writing for clients, or churn out dozens of marketing articles to promote your own books and websites OR you could set up a new website or blog and write all the web page content for the whole site in just a day or two.

That's why I always say that there really is no excuse for not being able to earn money from writing.

If you can write fast and write well, just think of how much writing you can produce in a month or a year?

Now that's worth thinking about. Isn't it?

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