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Which Ebooks Sell Better on Amazon?

By Administrator

There is always a lot of talk and speculation as to what type of ebooks sell better for the Amazon Kindle. As a new, but late, participant in the Kindle ebook publishing world, I've been keeping a close eye on what is selling and what isn't, not only with my own books but with other authors too and now I'm going to share my insight with you.

As I said, I've only recently started selling my ebooks on Amazon as Kindle ebooks, and I have met with modest success which I've been quite pleased with. I know that I could have done much better, but I'm pleased with my sales so far because, apart from emailing my subscribers and listing my books on my website, I haven't marketed them at all. So when sales started to roll in I was pleased.

I wanted to market them but I've been so busy with my other writing work that I didn't get time (my bad, as they say). But one thing I do know is that once I start publishing more ebooks and marketing them all over the internet, I KNOW that I can make high sales. Marketing is a big part of my publishing plan for the future.

I've published one horror novel and several how-to ebooks about writing and publishing, and my horror novel is my best seller (on Kindle). But this isn't surprising because one thing that I have noticed from writers all over the internet is that when it comes to Kindle ebooks, fiction far outsells non-fiction.

This is really great news for fiction authors because when the only way to self publish ebooks was by selling PDF ebooks, no one wanted to buy downloadable PDF novels.

But Kindle has completely turned things around and now there are many millionaire self published fiction writers, all publishing their work as Kindle ebooks.

The best thing about publishing for the Kindle is that it's so quick and easy to do. Converting a Word manuscript to an HTML file is one-click easy. And uploading to Kindle is also one-click easy. The whole Kindle publishing process from converting and uploading your ebook file to clicking 'publish' takes less than 5 minutes. And, if your manuscript is written in English, it will be published on the Amazon website in less than 12 hours.

That means you can have your book published before you go bed tonight (if you're reading this in the morning) :).

But what type of Kindle ebooks sell more copies? And how can you sell more?

There are several different genres of fiction and depending on what genre you write can affect the number of ebooks you s

Well-known mystery writer, Joe Konrath has sold over half a million ebooks on Kindle. He mainly writes mystery thrillers but also writes horror (under a pseudonym) and collections of short stories. To date he has published 9 novels, 6 novellas and 5 short story collections.

Ann Voss, who used to write romance books for Harlequin, began writing and publishing her own ebooks for Kindle in 2012. Her first ebook sold over 11,000 copies and combined with earnings for book loans, it netted her over $24,000 in just 6 weeks. Her Kindle novel was a mystery thriller.

But she did have a following of readers already and she did market her novel and used BookBub to do it.

And according to BookBub, the most sought after fiction is mystery thrillers. They market exclusively to ebook readers via email and according to their website (at time of writing this article) their list of subscribers for each type of ebook is as follows:

And this is just the numbers for one website.

With just this one list alone, it's easy to see that mystery thrillers far out-sell any other type of ebook.

But one other thing that also became obvious to me about writing and publishing ebooks, is that all the authors that have enjoyed phenomenal success with high sales of their ebooks, have also written many books. They don't just write one novel and sit back and expect to make a fortune.

Instead they are prolific writers who not only love what they do, they are also good writers.

So if you've ever dreamed of working from home as a self published fiction author, with Kindle publishing being so quick and easy to do, now (today) is the perfect time to start working towards your dream.

And by this time next year, who knows how far you will have come.


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