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What Have You Written So Far This Year?

By Administrator

The current month is May. We are now over four months into the year and I want to ask you a question:

What have you written so far this year?

We usually all start the New Year with great intentions for our writing.

We think about all the books we’re going to publish, the articles we’re going to write and the moneymaking websites we’re going to create.

And then before you know it we’re into the 5th month of the year, you’re motivations are gone and most of your plans haven’t been realized.

Some people seem to be born writers, they work and produce what seems to be an endless stream of books, articles, blog posts, interviews and more.

Yet for others it seems to be more of a trend of saying you’re a writer but never actually doing much writing because there always seems to be something more urgent that needs to be done.

It’s like a never-ending cycle of saying you want to be a writer and always wanting to be, but you just never seem to get around to it.

So What Can You Do?

Well despite the fact that the New Year is over, and your motivation has waned, it’s not too late to turn things around and start acting like you’re a writer.

But Where Do You Start?

If you’re anything like me when I first decided I wanted to write full-time, you find yourself willing to do it, but you don’t know how.

What are you going to write?

How are you going to make money from your writing?

The answer is do what I did.

Take a writing course.

The great thing about courses is they start you writing straight away and guide you through everything you need to do.

To me, that makes the whole process so easy.

You just download a writing course, start working on it and before you know it you’ve finished a project, started making money and you’ve learned enough to repeat the whole process over and over.

And there are so many writing courses to choose from that no matter what kind of writing you want to do you’re sure to find the course for you.

If you already have a writing course that you bought but never used, blow the virtual dust off it and get to work.

If you don’t already have one below is a list that can help you decide!

How to Write Any Book in 28 Days or Less

Become a Travel Writer

Write a Movie Script in Just 1 Month

Write Your Own eBook in Just 10 Days

Quick Cash Writing

Write a Children’s Book in 14 Days or Less

Just decide today what sort of writer you want to be.

Can you blieve there are so many writing and money-making opportunities in just this short list?

Imagine what could happen if you downloaded them all.

In just 3 months, you’ll have written a full-length movie script and written and published 3 ebooks.

You’ll also be earning money from writing articles, have hundreds of articles and other pieces publised in magazines and all over the internet, have set up a popular and profitable blog and be able to make money from travel writing every time you go on holiday.

Is it possible to do all that in such a short time?

Not if you don’t do it.

And as you can probably gather just from reading the titles of these writing courses, all you have to do is get started.

It's time to get serious.

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