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The Work You Do Is Unimportant

By Administrator

If, like me, you are a writer who works from home, then one thing you need to realise is that the work you do is unimportant.

Not important one bit.

It matters not at all how many hours you spend sitting at your desk and working every day. You can sit there for eight hours a day, seven days a week and it still doesn't matter.

The only thing that does matter is how much writing you do.

You see it's all too easy to sit and work every day thinking that you're being productive.

But you aren’t. Not unless you're writing.

Working on your own as a writer means that you have many tasks to perform all the time; webpage designing, formatting, sending query letters, dealing with emails, researching, submitting, reading and learning.

But the only work you do that really matters is your writing. While all these other tasks are necessary, they’re not important and should be done AS WELL AS your writing not INSTEAD of it.

When you're writing you’re being productive and doing the only thing that is important. Everything else is just prop.

So what should you be doing?

Start every day with your writing. Do it first before you do anything else.

The day before, make a diary of what writing you have to do and any other tasks such as research, formatting, uploading, etc.

Outsource whatever tasks you find boring or difficult to someone who can accomplish them quickly and cheaply. This will free up more time for your writing.

Keep a daily diary of work you have to do and you're writing.

But make a list of things to do not the hours that you intend to work.

What I mean by this is that, say for instance, you decide to drop your kids at school and work from nine till three, while they're gone. That is a mistake.

When people go to work everyday and have set hours to be there, say 9 to 5, then they stretch out their work to fit the time they have to do it.

In Tim Ferris's book, The 4-Hour Work Week, he says that if everyone was given set tasks to do at work with no set hours, they would get their work done in half the time or less and be finished by lunchtime. And he's probably right.

So don't give yourself set hours to work every day. Give yourself set tasks, and time yourself to see how productive you can be.

Set up each day so that you do your writing first and leave all the other tasks (props) until you've finished your writing for the day.

Usually, the task you start first is the one you spend most time on because once you start you see it through to the end before you start something else.

So make sure your writing always comes first on your daily to-do list.

Do it first and do it longest.

And save all your unimportant work for later.


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