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The Secret

By Administrator

No doubt you've heard of the hit movie, 'The Secret.'

Well did you know that you can now watch it for free?

It's an hour and a half long and is on the subject of the Law of Attraction.

This "law" states that your life is the sum of your thoughts. Whatever you have thought about up until now, is responsible for how your life has turned out.

This means that if you're not thinking about writing all the time, you're not writing. Instead you'll be dealing with whatever thoughts are in your head.

This is why it's imperative to learn all you can about writing, through books, videos and audios and anything else that can help you.

And, more importantly, you need to use what you learn.

Just like reading a diet book won't make you thin. Reading a book about writing won't make you a great writer.

But reading a book about writing will help you become a great writer if you ACTION what you learn.

If there is a writing course or an ebook or an audio that you think will help you, go out and buy it.

Stop looking at it as a cost. Instead, consider it an investment.

And in the meantime, sit back and enjoy watching and learning about 'The Secret.'

The Secret (Full Movie)


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