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Promote with Social Media the Write Way

By Administrator

Everyone uses social media these days, and it can be a great way to promote your latest ebook.

But only if you do it in the right way. I see too many writers using social media to constantly Tweet and post about their latest ebook.

But doing that looks like spam. Soon you’ll have people un-following you in droves.

Social media has the word ‘social’ in it for a reason. It’s meant to be used for social interaction and entertainment. So use it to post or Tweet interesting links, quotes, etc. and comment on and share other people’s stuff.

And then when you throw in the odd mention of your latest ebook, no one will mind too much.

Alternatively, promote your ebooks on your website and simply send people there to read your riveting articles and see your ebook promotion at the end.

Just be subtle.

Be Social.

And you’ll always get more readers and maybe more sales.

Read more about writing using the right way at How and Why Authors Need to Do Social Media the Write Way.

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