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Write More By Simplifying Your Life

By Administrator

Have you ever wanted to have more time to write? Have you ever wanted to have more focus when you are writing?

Well curiously enough, it can be all the other things in our lives that stop us from having razor-sharp focus and from writing more.

And here is a list of 10 things that you can simplify in your life to help you write more.

  1.  Possessions. Too many can drain your bank account, your attention and your energy. Get rid of most of them.

  2. Processed foods. You are what you eat. Cut out processed foods and eat organically, you’ll feel great.

  3. Debt. Nothing can weigh you down like debt can. Set up a re-payment system and stop over spending.

  4. Time commitments. Got too much to do everyday? Cut out the unnecessary activities that aren’t moving your life or business forward.

  5. Relationships. These are fine, but a time train. Know when you need time alone to write, and do it.

  6. Screen time. A time drain and mood killer. Shut off the TV, computer games, iPhone and get creative.

  7. Goals. Too many can be a distraction. Choose the most important and focus on that first.

  8. Speech. Talk less. Talk honestly. Avoid gossip.

  9. Negative thoughts. These never helped anyone. Move on and let go. Take control of your mind.

  10. Multi-tasking. It never works. It drains focus and energy. So just do one thing at a time.

Implement all these things in your life and I guarantee you’ll be blown away with the results.

Read a more expansive list at Simplify Your Life If You Want To Write More.

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