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Writing Inspiration & Where It's Coming From

By Administrator

This is day 11 of my journey to publish something every day (M-F) for 30 days.

It has certainly been entertaining publishing something online every day last week. It kept me extremely busy and produced a lot of feedback. It seems that there are many people who are enjoying watching what I'm doing. And maybe they're sniggering, maybe they're not.

Today I wrote and published a marketing article for my new writing website, I wrote the article to market my new article writing service that I'm now providing. The article is called, A High Quality Article Writing Service, And How to Find One.

I also removed all the comment boxes from I was getting so much spam I couldn't stand it. At first I couldn't understand how so much spam was getting through because the comment forms have ReCaptcha boxes that must be filled out by a human. It turns out that humans in poor countries are paid peanuts to sit and spam and fill in ReCaptcha boxes.

I got rid of a lot of the spam by forwarding it back to them automatically, but they started spamming again by using different URLs in their messages so the forwarding I'd set up had to have the new URLs added. In the end I decided to give up. My website has never had comment boxes before so why bother now?

Thankfully, because I use Adobe DreamWeaver software, it was just a matter of copying the source code of one of the comment boxes, and using 'find & replace' to delete it and replace it with a single space. I only had to click once to find and replace 'site-wide'. I then told it to "synchronize" which means it connects to my website online and updates any pages that have been changed. Too easy!

One good thing I did last week was buy a new notebook to write ideas in. I wasn't planning on buying one but I was browsing the Bronco's superstore at my local Broncos' Leagues Club when I saw the notebooks.

I am a huge fan of the Brisbane Broncos Rugby League team and I have season tickets every year and I'm a member of Broncos' club. So I was there having a browse because I'd gone to the club for lunch with my husband, Dean, and we were in the superstore because, as season members, we were sent $20-off coupons for the store along with our new season tickets.

The new season started last week and we went to our first home game on Friday night. It was great to be back at the stadium with all the usual crowd of supporters around us that we haven't seen since last September. The Broncos didn't win that night, but I don't want to talk about that.

Anyway, the notebook is size A5 and it has a plastic cover and any A5-size notebook can replace the one already in it. You can see a photo of it at, at the bottom of the right column. It's just a plain, black cover with the Broncos' logo in the bottom corner.

You can see the real maroon and gold logo at and no doubt that will give you a clue as to why I made into a maroon (pronounced mar-own) and gold website (I told you I was a real big fan).

I thought I might use the new note book for jotting down ideas for articles and ebooks etc, and it's worked like a charm. At first my mind was blank so I started writing "this is my new notebook..." on the first page and then, as if by magic, ideas started to leap into my head and I started writing page after page of ideas and making copious notes.

I'm sure it was the new notebook that inspired all the new ideas becasue I love taking it out of the drawer and writing in it.

It's just the same whevever I buy a new writing course, and I've bought a lot over the years. Once I download it I can't wait to get started.

Last week I downloaded a Kindle ebook called "How to Write a Nonfiction Ebook in 21 Days - That Readers LOVE!" and I've read it from virtual cover to virtual cover and highlighted important parts and now I'm all enthusiastic to write my next ebook.

I love doing courses because they keep me focused and keep me working. And course like this one, that have a specific time frame, are great because I know exactly how long it will take me and whether I'm on track as I work through it.

Have I got time to write an ebook right now with my daily publishing schedule and my new part-time report writing job? Who knows? But I'm going to kill myself trying.

I don't know when I'll start the new ebook but I do know that 21 days is too late to get it finished this month. But I already know what it's going to be about. It must be my Broncos' note book that is still inspiring me. Ahhh...

So if you feel un-inspired about your writing at the moment, buy a fancy notebook that makes you want to write in it, or download and start a new writing course.

But whichever you do, or whatever you do, start today.

Download a free 2 month excerpt of The 12 Month Writing Challenge at and start writing and submitting today.

Download a writing course from the dozens on offer from WCCL (I've bought several of these myself) from and start writing straight away.

Act fast.

Don't procrastinate.

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