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5 Changes & 1 Realization About Publishing Daily

By Administrator

This is day 8 of my journey to publish something every day (M-F) for 30 days.

It has been a busy first week of writing and publishing something online daily, yet this is only the 6th day that I've actually uploaded something because I didn't work on the weekend.

And although it's only been a short time so far, I have learned a lot.

Here are 5 changes that I've noticed and 1 realization I made.

1. I Write More
Because I have had to stick to a tight schedule of uploading something to the internet every day (and not counting social media posting), my writing schedule has been hectic. I've had a daily deadline which has really pushed me. I haven't had time to think about slacking off because time is so short every day.

Because I live with my husband my daughter, and our dog who enjoys a daily walk (and it's always me who has to do it) I have other obligations like cleaning, shopping, ironing, cooking, running errands and of course, dog walking. So things have been tight to fit it all in this past week.

2, I Prioritize Differently
Because my priority is to publish something every day, I have had to change the order in which I do things so that my writing and publishing is done first ahead of everything else.

This has been a big change for me because I have a habit of letting other things take priority. Such as the other day. My daughter asked for a lift to her friend's house. Usually I would say yes and take her. But this time I said I had to finish what I was doing and I'd take her in an hour or so. She humphed about it but I had to stand my ground because I needed to get something finished and uploaded first.

3. I'm More Focused
When I've been working I haven't had time to dilly-dally and have had to just keep working. When I'm working on a task, whether it's writing an article, submitting something online, sending an email or creating a new web page, I have to make sure that I concentrate on only that and not let my mind wander, otherwise time is wasted and I don't have time to waste right now. Short deadlines are a great enforcer of focused work.

4. I Don't Waste Time
I didn't realize it before, but I am a great time waster. Because I've had to work faster this past week to fit in writing and publishing daily, I have had to make sure that I don't spend too much time reading emails and replying to them and that when I'm looking something up online, I dont' get distracted by other things I read and click through to another website or another page that contains nothing related to what I need to know, but just looked interesting so I thought I'd take a look.

I have also spent less time on social media. I only have an accout with Google+ and Twitter but even just those two sites on their own can suck time from my day without me even noticing.

My worst time waster, is suddenly remembering I have to do something and breaking off what I'm doing to go do that first, in case I forget to do it later. That really is a concentration breaker. Now I just make a note to do it and carry on.

5. I Know I Need Breaks
Sometimes, and especially this past week, I work for hours without a break. I used to think that I could get more done if I don't stop. But what I've discovered is that the longer I work, the slower I get. It's as though a fog comes over my brain and I start slowing down.

Yesterday, for instance, I was writing an article and I was halfway through writing a sentence, trying to get to a point, whenI suddenly forgot what that point was.

I was doing this so often that I had to start having breaks. And it's taught me a lesson that having a break, even if I think I don't need one, is necessary if I want to work faster and clearer. So I've now scheduled break times into my day (and drinks because I'm not drinking enough).

What I've Realized
Publishing daily is something that is impossible to keep up all the time. I've committed myself to doing it for a month, and I will, but I wouldn't want to keep it up forever. It would be impossible. I need time to work on bigger projects which I'm not getting much of if I have to keep writing something to publish every day.

Admittedly I've been writing several things in one day and then uploading them one or two at a time, but it still is a drain on my time.

But I will see it through for a month just to see how differently it makes me work and what affect it has on my business and my income.

Next week I'll let you know what affect it is having so far on both these things.

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