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This is day 7 of my journey to publish something every day (M-F) for 30 days.

After yesterday's blitz on getting my own back on spammers, I've had a relatively free day with only about 2 or 3 (I forget exactly) coming through and none are from the websites that were sending it before. So I did the same thing and set the new ones up to be automatically forwarded back to them.

Yesteday I nearly missed my daily emailing goal because I was so busy that time got away from me and by the end of the day, my email had not been sent.

But my daughter had a late shfit at work, finishing at 12.30am, so I got up at midnight, got dressed and went to fetch her (she's too young to drive).

When I got back, I sat at the computer for 3 hours to finish off some writing I'd been working on and to send yesterday's email. Phew!

Today I'm extremely tired, but nonetheless, I've published two new articles on my new website.

The articles are about running an online business (which all writers do) and the articles are:

12 Habits You Must Quit If You Want to Run a Successful Online Business

30-Day Social Media Blackout

These new articles are free for reprint on your own website, blog or newletter.

I also submitted a new article to the two article directories, EzineArticles and Isnare. The article is called, 3 Ways to Make More Money From Your Writing Without Writing More. Hopefully it should be published by tomorrow.

I've also heard from a writer, Sarah Cruikshank, who has recently begun The 12 Month Writing Challenge. She has Tweeted her commitment to complete the first month's challenge of 30 submissions in 30 days and says she's enjoying the focus it gives her. You can see Sarah on Twitter at

You can also check out The 12 Month Writing Challenge and download the first 2 months free at


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