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Publishing Daily Increases Moolah

By Administrator

I'm currently shipping (publishing) daily (M-F). It is a 30 day experiment to see how it improves my writing income, which I'll look at once the 30 days is over. This is day 5.

Today I have finished writing an article for another website that I write for and uploaded it to their website. I also submitted a writing article to 2 different article writing directories, and Ezinearticles are fast to publish my articles and I can see them online within 48 hours (I have platinum membership). Isnare takes longer. Many times I have to email them after a week to remind them that I'm waiting. But I like them because they distribute my articles to hundreds of other websites and article directories (a service which I pay for). So while I'm waiting for one directory to publish my articles, the other already has them out there are working.

Publishing as often as possible is important because no one makes money from writing. You can only make money from submitting and publishing your writing. You won't make any money if you leave your writing on your computer hard drive.

And almost everything you do can earn you money from your writing.

Publishing more articles to your website can earn you PPC advertising income, increase search results in Google, encourage more people to sign up for your newsletter/emails and all of this will lead to more sales.

And if you're writing for other people and different publications, that can earn you fast cash from your writing.

But in order to keep writing and publishing/submitting your work every day, you need to know exactly what you're trying to achieve. You have to have a clear end-goal in mind for your writing, that way you can map out a plan and then keep working it.

You simply have to know what you want to do, and then chase it.

You can work faster when you know where you're going.

If you don't know what your writing goals are yet, or your idea isn't clear, you can always get to work fast by downloading The 12 Month Writing Challenge from This writing course will get you writing every day and shipping consistently.

You just have to download it, read it, absorb it and BOOM!

It will have you out of the procrastination gates, and writing and publishing fast.

When I first started writing and publishing fast I was blown away by how quickly the money started coming in.

So start writing more now to increase your moolah too.

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