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Final Daily Publishing Stats

By Administrator

This is day 29 of my journey to publish something every day (M-F) for 30 days.

Today I published a new article to one of my niche websites and submitted a marketing article for my Writeaholics website.

Okay. Here it is. My last day for publishing online daily (M-F) for the month of March 2013.

I know that the month isn't over yet, but I figured that there is only 2 more days after today and this weekend is Easter weekend. Public holidays can sometimes slow sales down a bit and sometimes they can increase sales. So anything can happen.

But for now I've been looking at what has happened over this past month to my sales and my income.

I'm glad to report that my income has increased by around 50% from what I can gather but it's hard to assess quickly because although I've earned money, not all of it has reached me yet and is still out in the ether somewhere.

Anyway. It's gone up and that's what counts.

This month I have been publishing online daily (website updates and marketing articles), writing daily emails AND posting more on social the social networks, Twitter and Google+. They are the only ones I have an account with.

And the stats, as best as I can read them (I'm not a genius with numbers, that's why I employ a book keeper and an accountant), are as follows:

Ebook Sales
The number of my own ebooks I've sold this month are about 50% higher than last month! I'm really pleased with how it's going. In fact I'm dancing for joy. Sadly though, these are the sales of my PDF ebooks. My Kindle ebook sales have fallen by 30% compared to last month. C'est la vie.

PPC income
My income from PPC ads on my websites has increased by over 75% from last month. That is a huge increase. I wasn't really expecting any increase in advertising revenue but it can be done. I know of one online writer who used to earn all his income from his PPC ads on his websites.

His name is Tim Gorman and he did a fascinating audio interview about it at You can listen to it online or download it for free. It really is an interesting interview about how Captain Gorman was short on time so he used PPC income as his only means of monetizing his websites and ended up earning more online than from his military pay.

Affiliate Sales
At the beginning of the month I saw no increase in affiliate sales at all, but I wasn't marketing them more than before so it was no surprise. Yet over the last 2 weeks I've seen an increase of around 50% more sales this month than last month. That is huge. But sadly I don't know how it happened.

Newsletter Sign Ups
I've been publishing my emails online all this week (which is what I plan to keep on doing) and I've seen a whopping 50% increase in the number of people signing up to my subscriber list.

I also took a peek at the stats for my emails and saw that as this month progressed, more people opened and read them. And the most surprising result of all was that the email that I sent out on the 18th March was opened and read my almost double the usual number for the month.

That particular email had the Subject line, "The Wisdom of Yoda" and it's the only subject line that included the name of a movie character, or anyone at all for that matter.

My takeaway from all this is that publishing regularly and emailing often can really increase income. Which is so good to know.

The only problem though, is that writing articles and emails daily is difficult to keep up with. I found it interferes too much with my other writing work. I like to jump into a writing project with both feet and get lost in it until it's done.

But writing daily emails and articles is very distracting and time consuming.

Ben Settle is a writer who emails daily and has done so for years. But he doesn't write them daily. He writes several at once and then lines them up to be delivered daily automatically.

He also says that everyone should email daily and that if you're an expert then it shouldn't be difficult to think of something to say every day.

But I don't consider myself an expert. I'm a person who earns all her income from her writing and tries to help others do the same.

I also think that the more products you have to sell, the more likely you are to earn more money. At present I don't have many ebooks about writing, but I plan to change this in the near future. In fact I'm already working on it.

That's one thing I always notice about the genuinely mega-successful writers. They have all written a lot of books and they publish articles and blog posts regularly.

So if you want to earn money from your writing you need to write more. And then write some more.

Keep writing, keep publishing and keep earning.

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