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Your daily shipping report

By Administrator

This is your daily shipping report.

I have been thinking long and hard (while I whizzed around the house polishing and vacuming which is always great for thinking time) about doing 30 days of shipping daily and what I've decided is this:

Throughout this month I will be emailing daily (M-F) with my shipping updates of what I've been publishing every day.

I have also been giving much thought to my new website On this website I'm publishing writing articles for free reprint.

So I have decided to use (my main writing website) as a place where I'll publish my emails instead of the usual articles, which I'll publish on Are you still with me?

But I won't be publishing my emails on until about a week after I send them out to my subscribers, so you'll always get them first.

My reason for doing this?

Blogs are popular now and the reason for this, IMHO, is because the posts are short. People don't always want to come online to read large amounts of text, although sometimes they do.

And emails are short. So I decided that if each email contains useful and useable information every time, then that also makes it good content for my website. It should also inspire more people to sign up to get the information first.

So now onto today's shipping report.

I've been busy working on an article for another website that I write for and I have also finished and uploaded 3 articles to one of my niche websites (I have two). Tomorrow I plan to finish the other article and upload that and then write and submit a couple of marketing articles.

Now...what have you shipped today?

Keep on shipping (publishing) daily for 30 days and see how it changes not only your income, but also how much iimproves your habit of writing.

Remember, it's no good trying to write in your "spare" time. Anything you do in your spare time is simply a hobby.

If you want to be taken seriously as a writer, write more and write consistently.

I'm told that the more often you write, the easier it gets until it becomes not only second nature, but an obsession so that you don't just do it every day; you HAVE to do it.

Let's see, shall we?

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