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A "Must Have" Before You Write

By Administrator

This is day 26 of my journey to publish something every day (M-F) for 30 days.

Today I uploaded a marketing article to two article directories.

And also today, I wanted to talk to you about the big "MUST HAVE" that you need before you write anything so that you can earn more money from your writing.

And what is this big "must have"?

It's the thing that any successful marketer or copy writer will talk about. They believe it's more important than your ability to write well.

You must have this before you write anything whether it's marketing material, a sales letter, an article, a blog post or a sale letter.

You must have a 'starving crowd'.

This means you need to have readers who are eager to read your work or to buy your ebook.

Your market, are the people who follow your work and buy your books and ebooks. They are the people you are writing for.

But as well as being your market, they need to be a starving market; ready to devour what you write.

And to be able to write TO them, you need to understand their problems and how you can help them.

Non-fiction readers have a problem that they're trying to solve. They may be looking for a way to lose weight, get out of debt, make more money or improve their relationships.

Fiction readers are looking for an escape into a story. They want you to touch their emotions and make them cry, feel afraid, smile or laugh.

This is why it's important know your readers before you write so that you make sure that what they want is in your ebook or your article.

Who is your starving crowd?

Who are you writing for?

What will they gain from your writing?

If you don't know the answer to these questions, you won't have many readers or followers.

You can't help them if you don't know what they want.

If you're stuck for ideas, there is a writing course that can help you.

How to Write Any Book in 28 Days or Less.

This huge writing course leads you step-by-step from knowing what to write about to writing your book, getting it published and maximising sales.

It's a win-win (and a course I've used myself).

Know your market. Make sure they're 'starving' for your work. Then start writing.

And start right now.

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