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A Huge List Of writing Jobs

By Administrator

This is day 22 of my journey to publish something every day (M-F) for 30 days.

Today I published the last 3 days' emails to my website and added the appropriate navigation links from other pages (and it took much longer than I thought it would for some reason).

Being a professional writer means always being able to make income from your writing, or at least it does if you want to earn your living this way.

Most writers don't earn as much money from their writing as they won't to - or worse - don't earn any money at all.

One of the biggest motivators for me, is making lots of money from my writing. I love it when I write and write and the money just keeps coming.

I mean, yes, I need the money to pay my bills. Who doesn't? But being able to generate a high income from my writing is the greatest buzz of all.

Are you earning as much money from your writing as you want to?

Do you find yourself procrastinating all the time and putting off writing to do other things?

Do you find that your muse never seems to show up so you never feel like sitting down and writing?

Well, your muse never turns up for work until you do.

Some days I'm on fire and I can't stop writing. Other days, a huge pile of ironing looks more interesting than sitting down to write.

But no matter what. Once I sit down and get to work my muse shows up. It hasn't failed me yet.

According to the online dictionary, muse means "be absorbed in thought; be lost in contemplation/thought." And the online thesaurus defines it as " inspiration, creative influence, stimulus, stimulation."

So if you're not earning as much money from your writing as you want to, or you're not doing as much writing as you should, sit down and start writing. Don't wait until your muse shows up.

Money Loves Speed, as they say. Time wasted not writing is income lost.

And the fastest way to earn money from your writing, and stay motivated, is freelance writing.

It's fast because you keep getting paid for you write, and the looming deadlines keep you motivated to keep writing.

Below are 3 places you can go online right now and find hundreds of freelance writing jobs and opportunities.

Just browse the web pages, choose what you want to apply for, or what you want to submit, and get to work straight away.

And who knows; this could be the start of your full-time income from writing.

In my 12 Month Writing Challenge, the first month is dedicated to making 30 freelance writing submissions in 30 days. Why? To get you writing and earning money fast.

You can download the first 2 months of this writing challenge free from for more help with finding markets and submitting freelance work.

Stop reading and start writing now.

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