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Free Writing Resources For You

By Administrator

This is day 21 of my journey to publish something every day (M-F) for 30 days.

Today I uploaded a new article, free for reprint, called Marketing Is Everything If You Want To Achieve High Ebook Sales.

You can see it at

I also updated my article about my scam artist, Joe-Joe-John, after I received a 5-word email from him today. It's been nearly 3 months since he first tried to rip me off and I'd almost forgotten about him. Until today.

You can see the Joe-Joe-John update at

Today I was updating my Quit Smoking ebook that I give away. This ebook is also fr#ee for sharing. If you have a website about how to stop smoking, you can give away copies too.

You can download a copy of the free ebook at Just scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link.

And this got me thinking to all the free things I've used to help me learn to be a writer and run my online businesses.

I've also bought a lot of products too, but sometimes, if times are a bit tough, downloading free products that can help you is better than nothing. In fact, sometimes they can be really useful.

So below is a list of websites where you can download fr#ee products that I've downloaded myself and found to be really helpful.

Ebooks for Writers
This is the page on my website where you can download and freely share, inspirational and informational ebooks.

Copywriting Podcasts
There is hours of listeing here to master copywriter and email expert, Ben Settle.

Inspirational Podcasts
Dr Joe Vitale is an inspirationals coach and speaker and his podcasts are rivetting.

Learn Out
This website has podcasts and audio books you can buy, and also has plenty of free audios too.

BlogCast FM
This website is full of hundreds of hours of audio interviews with successful online marketers.

Have a good browse round these websites and enjoy your free downloads.

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