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Daily Publishing Stats Report

By Administrator

This is day 15 of my journey to publish something every day (M-F) for 30 days.

Today I uploaded 2 new articles to one of my niche websites. The articles, although new, were written a few weeks ago, because that's how I work. I write a whole bunch of articles and then I upload them regularly over the next few weeks/months.

I also published the last 2 emails on

Although some of the things I've been publishing this month, have been written fresh, most were pre-written and published later.

But I have been writing fresh emails every day, which, when coupled with the fresh articles I've been writing, takes up a big part of my working day.

But I can't complain because the results in income have been better than I expected.

I've read other people reports about publishing experiments they've done online, and the results of it, and when they say they had spectacular results, I'm never sure whether or not I should believe them.

So doing my own daily publishing experiment has been interesting. This morning I was checking the difference between my income from this month, March, and last month.

Now remember I started my daily publishing ritual on 1st March and I've published online every day. I've published articles to my websites, submitted marketing articles to the article directories and I've been writing and sending an email every day.

So I was having a good look at my ebook sales for this month compared to last month and I was quite astounded.

So far (and remember this is only half way though the month of March,) I've sold as many ebooks as I did thoughout the whole of February. So if the second half of the month continues to be as fruitful as the first half, I will have increased my ebook sales by 100%.

But remember, this is only a 2 month comparison and this month is far from over so anything can happen. I was watching a rugby match on TV last night and in the first half both teams were scoring really well. Yet in the second half, neither team scored. And I'm comparing my ebook sales to this kind of scenario, so just because I'm doing well with my sales so far, things may change.

I also looked at my PPC advertising revenue from my websites. This month I have earned 75% of last month's revenue. Again, if the second half of this month matches the first half, I will have had a 50% increase in PPC revenue.

I also earn money from affiliate sales, but I haven't looked at that but at a glance it seems to be the same. Affiliate marketing isn't something that I've been pushing during my daily publishing schedule. I've only publsihed things that promote my own products or websites.

So far the increase in ebook sales and PPC income has been amazing. I'm really pleased with how it's going. I just hope it keeps going this well, or gets even better.

But as I said earlier, most of the articles I've been publishing on my websites and to the article directories were pre-written. If I'd had to write AND publish them daily, it would be too much to do, along with my other writing work.

Writing articles ahead of time in large batches and then publishing them regularly is something that I teach in The 12 Month Writing Challenge.

It's a great way to work because while your articles are working in the background to help you earn residual income, you can be working on your next ebook, or making quick cash from writing for magazines, or working on creating a new niche website.

And publishing pre-written articles online takes only minutes to do, leaving you plenty of time to get some serious writing done.

Download The 12 Month Writing Challenge from and see what difference it makes to your writing habits and your writing income.

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