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The Inspiring $50/Day Business Idea

By Administrator

This is day 14 of my journey to publish something every day (M-F) for 30 days.

Today I wrote a much extended version of this email and submitted it online as a marketing article.

You can read the shorter version below:

I once read a post in a forum that inspired me to never give up and keep moving forward.

It was only a short post from a guy who wanted to earn his living online. But he wasn't a writer, so he got all his blog content from free article directories.

He said that his blog made money only through PPC (Pay Per Click) ads on the site and that he was averaging $1/day. He'd had his blog for several months and a $1 average was the best he was getting.

But rather than being put off, he decided that if he could make $1/day from one website, then he could make $50 from 50 websites.

His determination made me smile.

Most people would have given up and thought that $1/day wasn't enough. But this guy looked at it as a positive rather than a negative, and instead of feeling down about it, he devised a way to muliply his income.

He said that using free articles was easy and took no time at all to upload them to his site, so, by his reckoning, it was a dollar easily earned.

This story is one that I've never forgotten. And whether the guy succeeded in his $50/day empire (which is over $18,000 a year which isn't too shabby for how little work he was doing) I have no idea.

But his enthusiasm was endearing.

And think of it this way; if he can earn $18,000/year by simply uploading other people's duplicate articles to his website, how much more can you earn by writing your own unique content for your own website?

Because you're a writer, you can also write and sell your own ebooks to earn even more money, which is something the $50/day entrepreneur couldn't do. Or you could write articles to make money from affiliate marketing.

All it takes, is to write and upload one article a day, and in one year, you'll have a 365-page website.

And all those articles can be repurposed and combined into an ebook.

Once you set up your own website and start writing daily articles, the possiblilty for sources of income simply multiply.

If you don't already have your own website, and you're not publishing articles on it daily; what are you waiting for?

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