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Prove You're a Serious Writer

By Administrator

Note: On the 1st March 2013 I decided to place a self-imposed "publishing something online every day for a month" challenge on myself. So this and the next several articles are copies of the emails I sent to my subscribers so they could follow my daily publishing journey. The emails also contain other relevant writing information.


Today is the first of March. A new month (and here in Brisbane a new season; Autumn) and time for a new change.

If you've ever read anything about habits, they say that it takes 30 days of continuously doing (or not doing) something for it to become a habit.

Habits are good because it's our mind's way of making things easier for us, i.e. we do things out of habit and somewhat automatically rather than having to think about it all the time.

So habits can be good as well as bad.

So now it's time to get serious about being a writer and get a 30 day habit.

And that habit is 30 days of daily shipping. It was Seth Godin (welll known writer and internet entrepreneur) who coined the phrase 'shipping,' which means publishing, if you're a writer.

So for the next 30 days ship something. And don't make excuses. Even if you're in the middle of writing a book, you can still take time out every day to publish something. It doesn't need to be a literary masterpiece.

Here are some of the things you can ship daily:

- a blog post

- a web article

- a marketing article

- an email to your subscribers

- an article proposal

- a short story/proposal

- an enquiry

Don't count social media as shipping. That's too short and not very meaningful.

Serious writers write and ship daily.

It's easy to write an email/proposal/article in just an hour (or less). And once you get into the regular habit of writing and shipping it will become easier to do as you become more and more used to it.

It will also get faster to do as you get into a regular writing habit over the next 30 days. You'll also find that ideas will start to flow more easily and more often.

I always find that the more I write the more ideas and "Eureka!" moments I get.

So for the next month, write and ship daily (and by that I mean 5 days a week, not 7 - we all need a couple of days off) and see where it takes you.

I'm going to do it too so why not join me?

You've got nothing to lose (except great writing practice and money).

And if you can't think of what to do, why not download my 12 Month Writing Challenge? That will start you writing and shipping straight away. The first month walks you through how to make 30 submissions in 30 days.

The 12 Month Writing Challenge really is a challenge (not just by name) because it sets off at a cracking pace and keeps writing for a full year.

But no everyone is up to such a great challenge.

Are you?

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