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I need money Fast

By Administrator

"I need to make some money really fast."

This is what I often hear from people who are desperate to make a quick income from their writing.

But there is no quick way to make large sums of money from anything you do (unless of course you're a best selling author who can sell thousands of copies of a book before it's even published).

But for the person just starting out, or the seasoned writer looking for some solid blocks of income (a few hundred dollars) for doing small writing assignments, the answer always has to be writing for magazines.

And while this won't bring you instant money today, it can generate cash, or at least the promise of money, once your article has been accepted, which is always a nice feeling and it can motivate you to write even more.

There's also quite a variety of things that magazines are looking for.

They may be looking for large feature articles, short filler articles, flash fiction, jokes, letters, reviews, short fiction, tips and a lot more, depending on which magazine you're thinking of pitching to.

If you want to make a regular income from writing for magazines (or as 'regular' as writing income gets) then you need to be making at least 5 submission a week to various magazines.

A quick stroll to your local library to look at magazines or a quick Google for writing markets or a visit to a newsagent store can unearth a whole bunch of possibilities.

Just make sure you have a large notebook and pen with you to write down all you find.

At the library you can also find the latest Writers' & Artists Year Book which lists hundreds of magazines all over the world and tells you what they're looking for.

So if you want to start making money from your writing but you're not sure what to write, start looking at some magazines and start submitting.

Be bold, don't be in-decisive and offer them the best you've got.

And always, always, follow their submission rules.

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