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Two "Must Haves" That Every Writer Must Have

By Administrator

Not too long ago I read a book called "The Millionaire Next Door." It was a fascinating read (I read it several times) and written by Dr. Thomas J Stanley who interviewed true millionaires to discover how they got rich when they all seemed to live frugally and had normal 9 to 5 jobs.

Use this link, to find out more about this book.

He now has also written another book called "The Millionaire Mind" which delves further into true millionaires (true as opposed to those who appear to be rich but are in fact living paycheck to paycheck to pay for their rich people's possessions).

In his book Dr. Stanley discovered that contrary to what people think, becoming a millionaire has nothing to do with high IQs or high grades at school and instead says that ""Discipline 101 and Tenacity 102" and avoiding "conspicuously consuming" made them rich, and explains how.

This book should be of interest to everyone because it shows how any of us could be a millionaire if we really wanted to be. Which means it's possible to turn your writing income into millions.

You can more about "The Millionaire Mind" at



Just one more thing... (Geez. Where do you think I stole that quote from?)

Every writer should study copy writing because it's important - vitally important! - to be able to really SELL your work.

Marketing what you write, whether it's blog posts, articles, books, ebooks or anything else, is more important than the actual writing itself.

And the best way to learn about copy writing is from the pros.

One of the best is Richard Armstrong and he has a free ebook that's over 180 pages long, all about copy writing that he has done and it's full of classic examples of his work that you can really learn a lot from.

It doesn't cost anything to download this ebook and you can find it at I'm not affiliated to this product in any way so I get nothing for recommending it to you. I just think it's a really useful ebook that all writers should have and study.

I hope these two books help you to thrive and grow your writing business and enjoy your life more.

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