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How to Generate Passive Income with Kindle Books

By Administrator

As writers, we aren't always paid by the hour.

That's why publishing ebooks is a great idea because it creates passive income while you work on other projects.

And can you imagine how great it would be if you could earn most (or all) of your income from publishing Kindle ebooks.

Yesterday I told you about two amazing writing products, one of which was my own, 7 Day Ebook Writing And Publishing System.

Well, today, continuing on with the ebook creating theme, I wanted to tell you about a really interesting and information packed interview that I read online called "How to Generate Passive Income with Kindle Books: An Interview with Rachel Rofe."

This interview was done with video which you can watch online and it also has the transcript below it, if you want to read it instead - but I have to warn you that it's over 4,000 words long.

Rachel Rofe is a hugely successful Kindle author and has created her Kinstant Formatter software which changes a Word document into a Kindle ebook file in only 2 minutes or less.

Many self publishing authors really fall down when it comes to formatting ebooks for Kindle. But this software does it all for you including inserting images and creating an automatic Table of Content.

You can read more about this software at and watch a video to see the software in action.

Or (and) you can also see/read the interview (which I really enjoyed) at

Enjoy them both.

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