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Are you a jessica fletcher?

By Administrator

At the weekend, I was busy sewing a new cover for Banjo’s futon bed (he is our pet greyhound). And while I was sewing I was watching a DVD of Murder She Wrote.

I like watching things like that, which don’t take too much effort to watch while I’m busy doing other work.

Anyway, in one scene Jessica Fletcher (whose character writes murder mystery novels) was on an aeroplane sitting next to a man who was a movie producer and he wasn’t happy about the script for his latest film.

When he discovered that Jessica was a writer he tossed the script to her and told her to re-write it and give it more car chases, more explosions and more action.

She tried to explain that it wasn’t the type of writing she did, but he said she had to do it or he’d nag her the whole trip (USA to London). So she opened the script and pretended to read it, before solving the on board murder that was about to happen, of course.

And that naturally got me to thinking about writers and all the different types of writers there are. Even novelists, like Jessica Fletcher, are only good at writing one type of novel.

And I find that knowing what type of writer you want to be (not what type you think you SHOULD be to make money) is one of the biggest bug bears for writers.

You might know where the money is in writing (copy writing, freelance writing, etc) but it may not be what you really want to do.

So if you really want to shine with you writing, do the type of writing you really want to do.

And if you can’t make it pay just now, keep working on it anyway.

For instance, if you want to write romance novels, write for money in the mornings and work on your fiction in the afternoon.

If you’re not sure what you want to write, just do a quick Google of types of writers, or search through a few writing courses and see if anything peaks your interest, because your first instinct is always right.

So if you’re not enjoying writing as much as you think you should, take a look around and decide what you’d really rather be doing.

Then go do that.

I began my serious writing career with the ebook course Quick Cash Writing. I worked my way through the whole ebook and by the time I'd finished I knew what writing I enjoyed doing and which I didn't. It was a great help, and I earned money along the way.

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