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Make a Fast $1,000 From Your Writing

By Administrator

A few weeks ago I posed this question on a social network site:

"If money wasn't an option, what would you be writing?"

Surprisingly (at least to me, anyway) every response was that they wouldn't write at all.

And that confirmed to me that we are all writers for money (I knew it!).

Some would like to pretend that they prefer to be a starving writer living in a garret. But the truth is, we all need to earn money.

And if you like to write, then what better way to do it?

So here is a way that you can earn yourself a fast $1k or more from your writing.

Write some freelance articles (or short stories) and submit them.

In my 12 Month Writing Challenge, the first month is all about making 30 freelance submissions in 30 days. That is, 30 different submissions to 30 different publications. Not submitting the same piece of writing to 30 different publications.

And this can't fail.

You just need to remember the following 3 things:

1. Target your audience correctly.

2. Follow all submission guidelines.

3. Offer and write quality articles.

Saying quality articles doesn't mean they have to be written grammatically correct and with no typos (although that really helps) but rather that the information you're offering is quality information.

This means it needs to be immediate and useable.

In other words, it's something the readers can take action on straight away.

I once sent out several article proposals and short stories and received 3 acceptances:

A series of 3 articles - $600 (total)

A short story - $300

A feature article - $350

Booyah! Over $1,000.

So start submitting today.

And if you need help, you can download the first 2 months excerpt of The 12 Month Writing Challenge for free. No sign up. Just scroll down to the link and click.

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