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Need more money quickly? Forget about freelance writing

By Administrator

There are several reasons why some people turn to freelance writing when they need money quickly. They are broke, have lost their job or have an illness or a disability and can’t work any more.

And why these may be legitimate reasons to want to make money fast, freelance writing isn’t the answer and I’ll tell you why.

You simply will not earn money quickly from freelance writing.

Yes, it is a good way to earn money and yes you can earn a full time income from freelance writing.

But if you looking for fast right-now-today money, you won’t find it in freelance writing.


Well, there are several reasons.

Firstly if you’re needy, you’re not creative. You can’t write well or have great moments of inspiration if you’re needy, broke and worried about your finances.

Secondly, no matter how fast you can write, you won’t be paid instantly and there are several reasons for this.

You may find it hard to get writing assignments from clients, especially if you’ve never written before.

Writing for magazines and other regular print publications, can yield you large payments for short articles, but it can take weeks or months for you to receive your money, depending on whether the publication pays on acceptance or on publication. And magazines usually schedule issues months in advance. So if they pay on publication, you may be waiting a while.

And you can’t just magically become a writer if you can’t write. You need to have the talent to be a writer. No one is going to pay you for badly written garbage.

You also need to know how to research, market yourself and your work, set up a writing business and make money from your writing.

To get started you’ll probably need to buy a few ebooks and writing courses. But if you can’t afford them, then you need to get a job instead and start writing in your ‘spare’ time.

But as I already said earlier, if you’re needy you won’t make it. If you’re needy, your desperation will show in your writing just as much as enthusiasm shines when you’re writing in a window of inspiration.

If you need fast money right now, get a job. Sell what you can, the things you own but don’t really need. Set yourself a better financial budget and stick to it rigidly. And don’t spend money on unnecessary things. Go to the library and borrow books on how to live frugally. That’s the only way you can get more money fast (without going into debt).

Freelance writing is a career for those who want to be writers, not for people desperate for money.

If you love writing you’ll probably be a great freelance writer and have success with your writing straight away.

I did. I started earning money as soon as I started submitting articles, letters and filler items to magazines.

I began buy purchasing the Quick Cash Writing course and I made a ton of money by doing it. I just started the course, followed it through and suddenly, I was getting work accepted for publication and being given writing assignments. It was great.

I also did a course in how to write HTML code and set up my first website and started making money from that too. I felt that I was on a roll. So I kept doing what I was doing.

I wrote more, set up more websites, and learned all I could about writing and making money online.

You can do it too if you want to. But not if you NEED to.

Be a freelance writer because you enjoy it and for no other reason.

If you want to look at the Quick Cash Writing Course that I used you can read more about it at

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