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Boost Your Income Writing Online Articles

By Administrator

I love being a writer because there are so many ways to earn money from writing. I can write magazine articles, novels, ebooks, do client work and more.

But the writing I enjoy the most is writing online articles because I can write about subjects I’m interested in, and I can make money from my articles for years.

I run several niche websites on subjects I like to write about and these websites are great money spinners. Even when I’m not marketing any particular product in that particular niche, I can still earn money from the articles on the site through the on-page advertising.

Two Ways to Earn Money From Writing Online Articles

There are two main ways to earn money from writing online articles, and there are two types of articles.

Information articles

Marketing articles

The way I use these two types of articles is this; I write marketing articles to get people to visit my websites. I also write information articles for the website to make visitors want to stay once they get there. I also write marketing articles that I publish on my websites to promote products that I’m selling.

A Word of Warning

The internet is full of too much marketing. People don’t want to be sold to all the time. They come to the internet looking for information yet they are constantly bombarded with sales pitches and spam emails and people get tired of it.

This is where articles can help.

I fill my website with information articles on the subject (niche) of my website. These are just articles that are there intended purely to give information. This makes visitors to my site feel comfortable with what they’re reading because it’s not a sales pitch of any kind. They usually click on a few links and read other pages too.

Eventually they’ll come across marketing articles on my websites that, while not an outright sales pitch, will at some point mention a great product that can help with whatever problem the reader is having. Hopefully, by this time, the reader is curious enough to click on a link and take a look at the product.

I also write articles that I submit to article directories. Plenty of people say that these directories don’t work any more but I know that they still do.

I write articles and submit them to an article directory. The article gets published and contains a link back to my website. People visiting the directory read the article and click on the link. Also these articles are available for re-publishing on other websites, as long as my link is included.

Over the years my marketing articles have appeared on thousands of websites all around the world. I’ve even found them translated into other languages. And articles that I submitted years ago are still around and are still bringing traffic to my sites.

I believe that the internet has gotten so big now and there are so many websites and not everyone can write their own content (or doesn’t have the time to). So this is where article directories come in handy. I find that my longer marketing articles get re-published far more than my shorter articles.

Over time, I’ve discovered that writing great articles that I submit to the article directories ( is my favourite one) helps to inspire trust in people who haven’t even visited my site yet. It establishes my credibility as someone who knows what they’re talking about and helps build relationships with readers.

Best of all it’s easy to do. I am a writer after all, so writing is easy for me. It’s also free which is my favourite price.

And the best thing about it for you is that you can start boosting your income with online articles right now too.

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