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Not Writing Makes Me a Better Writer

By Administrator

Here is Brisbane Australia the weather is cooling down as we progress further into Autumn.

On Saturday night the temperature plummeted to a chilly 12 (53F) degrees and we had to light the fire.

At the same time, my son, who lives in the UK, told me that their temperature got UP to 12 degrees so they opened all the windows and doors and turned off the heating.

Are they mad?

I guess everything is relative.

Now that the temperatures have cooled down here, it's easy to get more physical things done.

Our summers are far too hot to do a lot physically, so most things I leave till Autumn/Winter when the temperature cools to days of around 24 (75F) degrees.

But this isn't idle time for me.

I use this time to do other things that make me a better and more creative writer.

I call this 'non-writing' time and I use it to listen to audios that I can learn from.

No matter what non-writing related thing I'm doing I usually have something plugged into my ears that I'm listening to.

Learning this way makes me want to spend more time cleaning around the house which is an added bonus.

I listen to music and brain-training, music audios to think by and I listen to interviews and podcasts that I can learn from.

I listen to audios when I'm out walking my dog, which works most of the time, if I don't stop and talk to too many other people.

That's something that goes with having a dog and walking him every day. I run into so many other people walking their dogs and we all gradually get to know one another.

But these non-writing times where I have busy hands and empty mind (when I'm cleaning, gardening, ironing, walking, etc) are perfect for using audio to help me get more writing ideas and inspiration.

If you haven't tried using audios yet, it isn't too late to start.

MP3 players are very inexpensive now and you can find lots of free and not-too-expensive audios online that you can download and start listening to.

To give you a head start, here are some that I listen to regularly:

Brain Evolution CDs

Brain Salon

Ben Settle Copy Writing & Email audios Free Audio Downloads

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