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Are you writing enough?

By Administrator

Are you writing enough?

That's the question you need to ask yourself if you're not getting the returns you want from your writing.

If you look at anyone who enjoys phenominal success from their writing, you'll see that they are prolific writers. They never seem to stop writing.

If you're not happy with the money you're making from your writing, it's all to easy to get lost in the 'get-rich-quick' hype where people will try and tell you that there is some kind of 'secret' to making money from your writing or that there's a 'strategy' or 'tactic' that always works that you're not doing.

Or you may think that what you need to do is look at what another successful writer is doing and copy them. But that never works because you won't see everything they're doing behind the scenes AND what works for them may not work for you because you're a different personality type.

What you really need to be doing is asking yourself if you're writing enough.

So are you?

And if you're not, what can you do about it?

What exactly should you be writing?

This is precisely what my 12 Month Writing Challenge course is all about.

It starts your writing and submitting your work straight away so that in just the first month you should be earning hundreds if not thousands from your writing with more writing to do than you ever thought you could manage.

You can download the first 2 months of the course for free. And if you follow it, just these few (56) pages will not only enable you to earn money from your writing but you'll also have a money-making website set up and running.

Or, if you want to start writing and submitting your work right now, I've added 3 more online writing markets for you at

This page has a whole list of online websites where you can find places to submit your articles, your fiction as well as find on-going freelance writing and editing work.

So if you're not writing enough, now is the time to get serious.


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