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Are You Missing Out?

By Administrator

This week, so far, I haven't managed to do much work, although I have done some of my reporting work and started a new article for another website that I regularly write for. I also have 3 more reporting assignments lined up for the next few days plus some freelance writing to do. So all in all I'm keeping fairly busy.

The reason that I haven't done as much work as I'd like to have, is because I've been caught up on my most recent private adventure. My husband and I are buying another house which we plan to rent out for a few years and then it will be our early retirement home. It's up in the hinterlands of the Sunshine Coast here in Queensland, a few miles out from Australia Zoo.

So as you can imagine, I've been busy sorting out things with the estate agent, the bank and a solicitor, and I feel like I'm slowly drowning in paperwork. But it will all be worth it in the end.

And yet, although I feel like I've worked less on my writing, it seems I've had quite an increase in sales of affiliate products (I just wish I knew why and then I could do it again).

I've always thought that selling products as an affiliate is a great way to earn extra money online. And if you use affiliate programs with a 2nd-tier affiliate program, you can also earn money from sales from other affiliates.

Of course, this is not a get rich quick scheme (because there is really no such thing) but it can add hundreds or even thousands of dollars to your income every year.

And best of all it's easy to do.

I try and advertise a diverse range of products because not everyone is looking to buy the same thing.

I often make sales from products that are not writing related like the Subliminal Power 2 software that I was promoting recently at that helps you reprogram your mind while using your PC. It's a brilliant idea and while not strictly about writing, it can certainly help, and it's proving very popular.

But affiliate marketing, as it's called, relies on three things.

Firstly, the way you market the products needs to be good and then the merchants' sales pages, that you send people to, need to be good also.

The third, and most important thing (IMHO), is that I never promote products that I don't believe in.

If I think a product is not worth the money or it's a substandard product, I won't promote it. My reputation relies on products that I recommend being useful, so I only promote those that I believe will help people.

If you want to do more affiliate marketing, here are three websites that I use and have great success with: Sign up as an affiliate or a seller (one email address serves both). You can promote products in the E-junkie market place or pay only $5/month to sell your own products (it's where I sell most of mine). You can sign up at

Guy Finley. Guy has some amazing products that can help transform your life and/or your business. He has a generous payout for all affiliates.

Self Development Network. This website (formerly WCCL) has hundreds of products including self help products and writing products. They also have a generous 2nd-tier program.

Take a look at the affliate programs above and the products they offer and start earning more money from your website too. If you're not selling affiliate products, you could be leaving a lot of money on the proverbial table.

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