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How to write at amazing speed

By Administrator

As a writer, it can sometimes feel frustrating when writing anythign seems to take such a long time.

You sit down, begin writing, and next thing you know you look up and 2 hours have gone by and you've hardly written a thing.

That's because you started to write, decided it's wrong, deleted it, started again, or you simply got lazy and decided to see if there was anything new to watch on YouTube or to update your social media page.

Whatever the reason, wouldn't it be great if you could sit and write at amazing speed?

When I'm relaxing, I sometimes like to play a computer game called Bejeweled 3. It's fun to play and make rows of jewels that drop down and more appear and explosions happen and the points accumulate.

If I play consistently without stopping, on a round called 'Lightning,' it goes into what it calls 'Amazing Speed' mode which means that although I'm not playing any faster, the chain reaction from every move I make increases 10-fold.

And it's the same with writing.

If you write and don't stop and don't get distracted by checking your email every 2 minutes or answering the phone, or deleting your work, or worrying about perfection, it's quite possible to write at amazing speed.

You just sit and write and don't stop.

Don't stop to research anything online.

Don't edit as you go.

Don't think about getting up to get a drink.

Don't think about the car payment that's due.

Don't worry about picking the kids up from school on time (set a timer and forget it).

Just write.

And the more consistently you write, without editing at the same time, without interruption or allowing your mind to think about other things, the more writing you can do at Amazing Speed.

Simply sit and write and focus solely on the work in front of you for as long as you can and before you know it, you'll have written pages and pages in no time at all.

If you have trouble staying focused, get a writing course and work on it to help you. Reading through instructions and then carrying them out is incredibly useful to help you stay on track and get more writing done.

And it would be a shame if I didn't use this opportunity to plug my 12 Month Writing Course which is designed to get you writing and earning money quickly.

So by this time next year, if you've followed the course through, you'll have done so much writing that you will be permanently writing at Amazing Speed without even noticing.

Won't that be great?

You can read more about The 12 Month Writing Challenge at:

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