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15 Writing Markets

By Administrator

OK. So last week I posed a question to you about how much you had written so far this year. This was designed to get you thinking and writing.

Then I offered you a free audio download to help you focus more and write more.

And today, following in the theme of helping you write more, I have a list of 15 high-paying websites that pay from a minimum $50 to up to $2,400 for blog posts and articles.

This is a great list and you should be able to find something suitable where you can submit your ideas or your work.

Doctor of Credit
Looking for posts on almost all consumer credit/finance topics including free money opportunities, bank sign up bonuses, credit sign up bonuses, credit score information and unique ways to make money.
Pays $50 per post for articles without resource box and accepts unpaid guest posts with promotional resource box.

The Renegade Writer
Looking for articles about writing for magazines, online markets, and copywriting, etc.
Pays $50 per post.

Write Your
Wants tips for freelance web content writers.
Pays $50 per post

One Spoon At a Time
Posts on video marketing, infoproduct creation, ways to write more effectively, ways to write more productively, creating pillar posts, unusual blogging tactics, etc.
Pays $50 per post.

Rock Solid Finance
Financial articles.
Pays $50 per post.

Freelance Switch
Looking for extensive, detailed, and informative tutorials designed to teach micro-business skills to freelancers and entrepreneurs.
Pays $50 per post.

Self-guided tour itineraries. A logical list of prioritized sights and attractions with detailed directions & maps.
Pays up to $100 upfront for approved self-guided tour itineraries!

The Krazy Coupon Lady
Wants content that helps others learn to save money. Aimed at stay-at-home-mothers.
Pays $50.

Your Online Biz
Looking for online business-related articles.
Pays $100 per article.

The Literary Traveler
Focuses on literary artists but welcomes articles about composers, painters, poets, songwriters, and storytellers. Places that inspire and help you to write.
Pays $50.

Full-length feature articles start at $100 each, and after your fourth published article you get bumped up to the veteran pay of $200. If your article is among the ten most popular that month, you get a $50 bonus. Quick Fix short articles pay $50 a shot.
All about comedy.

International Living
For those living in the US. Global travel, living, retiring, investing, and real estate in other countries that is not available anywhere else at any price. Plus ways to stretch their dollars and simplify their lives.The niche publication for living and retiring overseas.
Pays pay $250 to $400.

List Verse
Write a list (1,000 words minimum – 10 items minimum), about anything off-beat, weird, funny or insightful.
Pays $100.

Political magazine looking for Foreign Policy Pieces, Electoral Coverage, Social Movement Pieces, Activism, Poetry (political), and Investigative Reporting.
Pays $500-$1,300

Cosmos Magazine
Australian science magazine. Looking for articles on science and technology and the impact and/or implications for individuals, society and the natural world.
Wants 300-word proposal first.
Pays A60c/word ($900 to $2,400 approx per article).

Submit at least one thing today.


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