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$10K Niche Websites & SEO

By Administrator

Today I was listening to a podcast interview with an online marketer who is successfully making over $10K/month from niche websites.

He has around 20 sites, but these are small websites with 10 pages or less where he sells his own products and/or affiliate products.

All he does is set up the sites, pays a writer to write up to 10 SEO pages of content and he does some article marketing (not written by him) to get traffic to his sites.

And from these few sites his income is now over $10 thousand a month.

I listened to the interview twice to make sure I didn't miss anything important, and the following is my big TAKE from this interview:

You need to have SEO optimized web page content to make sure you get targeted traffic to your website.

He spoke at length with the interviewer about how he spends time researching keywords and making sure he is targeting a buying market before he creates a website.

He described his method of determining if his market was a buying market (rather than people who are simply looking for free information) as, he goes to to see if there are any paperback books published by a professional publishing company on his chosen topic.

He considers that if a publishing company is so confident about sales that they publish physical books on the topic, then it's a niche worth pursuing online because it has a buying audience.

And get this...some of his niche sites only get around 37 visitors a day yet still generate between $600 and $1,300 a month.

How does he get such a huge conversion of visitors into buyers?

He says it's from his SEO (Search Engine Optimized) web page content. He targets his audience by the keywords he uses and he makes sure the keywords are in his meta description, the title of the page, the heading and the first paragraph.

And his articles are only 500 words long.

One of the most amazing things is that this man is not a writer and so he has to pay someone else to do all his writing.

So just think how much of an advantage you have if you're already a writer who can write SEO optimized articles?

And even if you're not looking to start a string of niche websites, if you have laser-targeted SEO content on your existing websites, you could increase your sales by 10%, 25% or much more.

If you're not already familiar with using SEO in your writing, it's worth looking into. There are writers who earn their living writing SEO articles and are paid up to $100 an article.

And as hundreds of new websites appear on the World Wide Web every day, it opens up not just more opportunities for writing, but also more competition against your own websites, which is another reason to make sure your website is SEO optimized.


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