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Make Money Writing Ebooks And Why Yours May Not Be Making Enough Sales

By Administrator

I earn quite a large part of my income selling my own ebooks. Some sell really well while some don’t make as many sales as I’d like.

Lack of sales is usually not the fault of the ebook itself and typically, a quick tweak in how I sell the ebook will work wonders.

No doubt you sometimes have the same problem with ebook sales not always performing as expected.

Well here are 4 things you may need to look at.

1. The price

To see if you’ve priced your ebook correctly, before you publish it, it can help if you send out a few review copies and ask for honest opinions. Tell your reviewers how much you intend to sell the ebook for and see if they agree with the price.

And don’t be afraid to price your ebook high. If it’s a big ebook and packed with hundreds of pages, say so in your marketing material and use this as a reason to price it higher. Don’t forget to justify the high price over and over in all your sales material.

Sometimes pricing your ebook too low can put people off because if it doesn’t cost much they may think it’s not worth much. It can also help to look at the price of other similar ebooks in your niche.

2. Sell To The Right Market

Tight niches are important when it comes to selling ebooks. You need a hungry market, a starving crowd that has a problem that your ebook can solve. Make sure you’re targeting the correct market with your promotional material.

What problem is your ebook solving?

What type of people will have this problem?

How does your ebook solve it?

People don’t buy ebooks. They buy benefits and solutions. If they have a problem, they’re looking for a solution. If they don’t have a problem then they’re looking for something that can improve their life or business. They want to buy a benefit. So if you’re selling an ebook about weed killer, don’t just list the ingredients of the weed killer or list the weeds it can kill, instead tell them how beautiful their garden will look once they use it.

3. Research First

Before you even write one word of your ebook, you need to be sure that there are people who will want to buy it. This is where good research comes in.

Research doesn’t have to take a lot of time but you need to do it right. You need to know what people in your niche are looking for and you also need to know what other ebooks are out there, what they’re offering, and then make yours better.

Take a look at Desperate Buyers Only to see how to make sure you have a hungry market for your ebook.

4. Have a Great ‘Hook’

No doubt you’re not the only one to write an ebook on your subject. But yours needs to stand out from all the others.

When Apple brought out their first MP3 player, while the other companies where busy spouting about how much memory their players had, Apple simply marketed theirs as “1,000 songs in your pocket.” What a great hook! This was something customers understood – and wanted. They probably didn’t even understand about mega bytes and giga bytes. They just wanted to listen to music.

And McDonalds don’t make the best hamburgers in the world. They never have done. Just about anyone can make a better burger than McDonalds. So why do they sell more burgers than anyone else? They had a hook. Fast food. They didn’t say they had great burgers. They didn’t say they had the best burgers. But they did have fast burgers. And when others started having fast food too, McDonalds then had the biggest hamburger with their “Big Mac.”

So what hook does your ebook have that makes it stand out from all the rest?

If you’re not getting as many sales from your ebook as you should do, take a look at your price, your market, your competition and your hook.

Once you get all these right, your sales should soar.

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