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How Writers Are Earning Money From Amazon Review Sites

By Administrator

Writers have been making money from writing online articles for years. And as more and more opportunities open up for making money from article writing the more lucrative it’s becoming.

The latest way that writers are making money from writing online articles is by writing for Amazon Review sites.

These are sites that the writers create themselves and write all their own articles. They create niche websites where they sell products from

When you think of Amazon you think of just books, or even Kindle ebooks nowadays.

But Amazon sells much more than books and ebooks. They sell groceries, clothing, computers, gym equipment and even motorbike engines. They have more products being added all the time and many of these products cost hundreds of dollars.

And this is why writers are cashing in using Amazon Review sites and you can do the same.

How You Can Cash In On Amazon

If you want to try this kind of writing for yourself, you need to write articles based on one or more products. But don’t just write about the products. Instead provide useful info that contains links to the products.

For instance, if you wanted to sell saucepans, you could write an article called “7 Great Ideas For Wedding Gifts.”

In this article you’d talk about the latest type of saucepans and all the features they have and all the benefits there are to using them and how great they are. You’d also include an affiliate link to the saucepans within the article.

You could also include videos from YouTube to help emphasise how great the saucepans are.

You could also use appropriate images that show the benefits of the product, not the features. This is important. So you might show an image of a couple opening a package and smiling.

Writing articles this way is known as creating sales without selling. You let your page content – images, videos, text, - do the work for you without the need for any sales pitches.

And because Amazon has its own affiliate program, once you sign up as an affiliate and someone clicks on one of your affiliate links, it doesn’t matter what they buy from the site, you’ll earn a commission for each sale.

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