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Earning Money From Your Writing - How Much Do You Want To Earn?

By Administrator

Every writer wants to earn money from their writing. But not every writer earns as much as they want to.

Saying you want to make money from your writing is one thing, but knowing how much you want to make is another. And, of course, how much money you’re currently making, is another.

So let me ask you 2 questions:

1. How much money are you currently earning from your writing every month?

2. How much money do you want to earn from your writing every month?

Now deduct the answer to the first question from the answer to the second.

That amount is what it’s costing you every month by not doing the writing you should be doing.

What Can You Do To Earn More?

If you’re not earning as much money as you want to every month, then you need to take a good hard look at where you’re going wrong.

It may be that you need to write more, do a different kind of writing or do more marketing. Or maybe all three.

Take some time to look at what you’re doing and how it’s causing you to financially under-achieve.

Then get organized and get to work on what you SHOULD be doing.

If you’re stuck and don’t know what to do, then splash some cash and invest in a course that can help you.

My own 12 Month Writing Challenge at is helping writers all over the world to achieve a full-time income from their writing.

AND it helps by getting them involved in many different ways to earn money from their writing so that by the end of the course, not only have they earned a lot of money, but they’ve also discovered what type of writing they enjoy and what they don’t. This gives them a clear idea of the kind of writing they want to pursue.

And if you already know what kind of writing you want to do, WCCL have plenty of Writing Courses on so many different types of writing such as

and much more.

And there are many other writing courses available too. Just a quick search on Google can bring up more.

All these courses are designed to help you earn more money by getting you started with your writing and keeping you going.

So if you’re still sitting on the fence about what to do and you want to earn more from your writing, make this month, the month that you do something to move yourself forward by taking your writing seriously and downloading a writing course that can help you.

And then you can make more money from your writing.

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